About Me

My name is Bonnie, and I’m a mother of two, a seasoned birth and postpartum doula, birth doula trainer and women’s relational leader.

My career as a full-time birth doula has felt like a deep inner calling. My own experience of two pregnancy losses before birthing my rainbow baby in 1994 led me to the life-changing doula training I completed in Boulder, Colorado in 1996. I became pregnant with my daughter shortly after my training (which is very common). Since then, I have had the honor of helping hundreds of women give birth while simultaneously holding space for the whole family to welcome their new baby. From the tears of a new father to the cries of a newborn, I am forever in awe and humbled by the miracle of life. I have had the privilege of attending over 700 births in 12 different hospitals, birth centers and dozens of homes, and the strength of women’s bodies and the empowerment that can arise through the process never ceases to amaze me.

In addition to practicing as a doula, I have been the Director of Birth Assistants of Boulder for the last 20 years, worked in three obgyn/midwifery practices as a midwifery assistant and also as a medical assistant. I have taken courses in psychology, nursing and have completed end of life care. Most recently, I studied authentic relating and relational leadership through the Integral Center in Boulder.

I love everything about the lifestyle and being a birth doula, but like all of us, 2020 changed my life. I moved back to the island of Maui, Hawaii, which had been my second home since 2004. I was gratefully welcomed with open arms and hearts, and in addition to being a birth and postpartum doula I found the second iteration of my calling. I decided to blend my three favorite things—birth, Maui and connection—into a new endeavor for all women. Doulas of Maui was born. Doulas of Maui is a birth and postpartum business and a birth doula training company. Come see what we have planned for you and join the birth world on this magical island of Maui.

Your body. Your baby. Your birth.
As a doula, I support you.