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Welcome to Doulas of Maui, where the journey of birth and early parenthood is embraced with unwavering compassion and support. Our story begins with the realization that childbirth is a deeply personal experience, one that can shape the foundation of a family’s journey. As mothers who have each navigated unique paths to motherhood, we understand the profound impact that emotional and physical support during labor can have on both the birth experience and the precious bond with a newborn. It was these diverse encounters with childbirth that ignited our passion to become doulas, and from this shared commitment, Doulas of Maui was born. With a belief that every individual deserves a birth experience that resonates with their values and dreams, we dedicate ourselves to offering evidence-based information, unyielding emotional and physical support, and resolute advocacy throughout the birthing process. We invite you to embark on this transformative voyage with us, to weave together the tapestry of birth, Maui, and profound connection.

Your body. Your baby. Your birth.
As doulas, we support you.

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Bonnie Slater

My name is Bonnie Slater, and I’m the mother of two amazing children, a seasoned birth and postpartum doula, birth doula trainer and women’s relational leader.

I have had the honor of helping over 700 of families give birth and meet their new babies. From the tears of a new father to the cries of a newborn, I am forever in awe and humbled by the miracle of life. I have had the privilege of attending over 700 births in 12 different hospitals, birth centers and dozens of homes. The strength of women’s bodies and the empowerment that can arise through the process never ceases to amaze me.

In addition to practicing as a doula, I have worked in three ob-gyn/midwifery offices as a midwifery assistant. I have taken courses in psychology, nursing and have worked in end of life care. I study authentic relating and relational leadership and use those tools to connect with each unique family.

In 2020 I decided to blend my three favorite things—Birth, Maui and Connection. Doulas of Maui was born. Doulas of Maui is a birth and postpartum business as well as a birth doula training company. Trainings happen twice a year. Want to be a birth doula? Join the birth world on this magical island of Maui.

Lindsay Kallas

As the mother of three, I experienced childbirth in three very different ways. Having diverse experiences with childbirth shaped not only my desire to become a doula but also my approach to early parenting. I realized that the emotional and physical support I received during labor had a lasting impact on my overall well-being and ability to bond with my newborn. It reinforced the importance of creating a nurturing and supportive environment for both myself and my baby during the early stages of parenting.

I believe that every person deserves to have a birth experience that aligns with their values and desires, and I am committed to helping them achieve that. I believe that be accomplished by providing families with evidence-based information, emotional and physical support, as well as advocating for their choices throughout the birthing process.

Along with being a certified birth and postpartum doula I have credentials as a childbirth educator, a prenatal yoga instructor and a breastfeeding counselor. I am now pursuing education in perinatal nutrition to assist in replenishing vital minerals and nutrients that we lose in the prenatal and postnatal period. I have held space for high risk families, hospital births and home births.